The 82nd International Photographic Salon (overseas 海外)

【Judging Results】
 The judging for the 82nd International Photographic Salon (sponsored by The Asahi Shimbun and The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies) has been completed, and we have recognized 106 prize-winning entries, consisting of 55 from the OVERSEAS CATEGORY, 45 from the DOMESTIC CATEGORY, and 6 from the U30 CATEGORY. The International Photographic Salon was inaugurated in 1927 with the participation of photographers from 15 countries outside of Japan.

 International submissions were accepted through the online channel only, resulting in a total of 5,659 entries from 52 countries/regions, with Vietnam producing the most at 2,315. There were 3,617 domestic entries, and a further 128 entries for the U30 CATEGORY (an online-only category for photographers based in Japan who are aged 30 or under) for a total of 9,404 entries in all.

Takeyoshi Tanuma (Chief Judge, Photographer)
Anju (Photographer)
Etsuko Enami (Photographer)
Shintaro Shiratori (Photographer, APA President )
Tokihiro Sato (Photographer, Professor of Tokyo University of Arts)
Ezure Yasuharu (Officials from AJAPS)
Shigeru Ito (Officials from AJAPS)
Takeo Kato (Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office, Photo&Multimedia Editor)
Toru Nakata (Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office, Photo&Multimedia Editor)

 The entries submitted to the OVERSEAS CATEGORY showed the efforts that went into producing these photographs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, as the entire world dealt with its challenges. The use of image processing and color correction techniques were highly competent for the most part, and we received a lot of unique submissions that sought to present the photographer’s point of view and intentions. The subject matters depicted in these entries are never repetitive, as they constantly change from year to year, with each country producing very distinct works. The top-rated photos were ones that revealed their subject and displayed the photographer’s sensibilities and passion.

 The entries submitted to the JAPAN CATEGORY showed some improvements in their use of image processing/enhancement techniques, but some still left a little to be desired in terms of technical proficiency. A lot of the submissions weren’t shot recently - we got the impression that many were reimaginings of old photos that had additional work done on them. The top-rated photos were ones that were straightforward and showcased the intrinsic dynamism of photographic art. The pandemic does present challenges, but there are always unique perspectives that can be employed to create original photos by capturing the familiar and the ordinary.

【General Review-U30 CATEGORY】
 The entries were unconstrained by tradition and form, and youthful in their experimentation and creative expression - all of which made them compelling pieces work. And importantly, they convey the purity of the emotional effect that accompanied the shot in a straightforward way. By applying their sensitivity, the photographer can add depth to their work and invite contemplation from the viewer. Through experimentation, they can gain insights on creative expression, which is something that we encourage.


The results of The 82nd International Photographic Salon are as follows.

 審査委員特別賞「Worship of the Buddha」 Myat Zaw Hein(MYANMAR/ミャンマー)

「ブッダを拝む」 構図と色合いが素晴らしく、敬虔な雰囲気が伝わってきた。仏像と少年の間に別の仏像がうっすらと浮かび、かすみがかったような幻想的な世界。作品を仕上げる意思が明確だ。人間のドラマが感じられる。
The photo is superb in its composition and coloring, and does an excellent job of conveying the scene’s devout atmosphere. It depicts a hazy, fantasy-like setting of a boy and a Buddha statue, with another Buddha figure looming faintly between them. The finished work presents a clear vision of the photographer aims and is imbued with human drama.

 審査委員特別賞「My Lockdown Sports」 Paolo Quadrini(ITALY/イタリア)

「ロックダウン中のスポーツ」 コロナ禍、五輪、社会と個人のリアリティーをユーモラスに思考しながら画面が構成されている。自らのイメージを具現化して一生懸命撮った跡に思わず圧倒される。作者の人柄だろうか、陽気な雰囲気が心地よい。
The composition of the image presents a humorous examination of the realities of the pandemic, the Olympic Games, society, and the individual person. We were blown away by the effort that must have went into the execution of the photographer’s vision. Perhaps it’s a product of their personality, but the photo has a cheerful vibe that is very pleasing.

 審査委員特別賞「Under water」 Anne-Marie Vermaat(NETHERLANDS/オランダ)

「水の中」 色彩が優しく、全体的なトーンが上手にまとまっている。上に乗った小さなカバのとぼけたような表情が何とも言えない魅力になっている。下のカバの存在と表情がしっかり見える水面の範囲もほど良く配置されている。
The colors are gentle, and the overall tone is very well put together. The oblivious look of the baby hippo exudes an indescribable charm, and the water surface is perfectly positioned to allow a clear look at the hippo beneath it and the expression it has on its face.


「A working beautiful girl」 Md. Mirazul Main Jisan(BANGLADESH)

「I am here for you」 Mithail Afrige Chowdhury(BANGLADESH)

「Trying to get back again on track」 Md. Ratul(BANGLADESH)

「Big Headpiece」 Ratul Dhar(BANGLADESH)

「Face to Face」 M.Tevfik Ileri(CYPRUS)

「The black Death」 Soren Skov(DENMARK)

「Hope」 Ahmed ElSheikh(EGYPT)

「Magic forest」 Nguyen Manh Ngoc(GERMANY)

「Companion」 Alok Avinash(INDIA)

「Encircled freedom」 Pranab Basak(INDIA)

「Colours of Joy」 Soumyendu Bag(INDIA)

「CROSSING」 Suman Banerjee(INDIA)

「The Batik Maker」 Robert(INDONESIA)

「Alone」 Ahmad Khatiri(IRAN)

「Circle of Life」 Ali Kianjam(IRAN)

「Harmony In Mourning」 Davoud Izadpanah(IRAN)

「Colored」 Omidreza Pournabi(IRAN)

「Sweet dream」 Leonid Goldin(ISRAEL)

「A glimpse from past」 Valery Korenchuk(KAZAKHSTAN)

「Beach Story」 Han Byeongryul(KOREA)

「Dream」 Kim Hoon(KOREA)

「Girl with chicken」 Anatolie Poiata(MOLDOVA)

「Evening prayer at the nunnery」 Iurie Foca(MOLDOVA)

「Daily life of farmers」 Naing Tun Latt(MYANMAR)

「Mother Love」 Phoe Char(MYANMAR)

「The world of my dreams」 Andrey Smolnikov(RUSSIA)

「Lonely child」 H.M.T.Sewwandi Abhayaratne(SRI LANKA)

「A Family 」 Pasindu Ranga Ouchithya(SRI LANKA)

「With My Dreams」 Hansa Tangmanpoowadol(THAILAND)

「Colors」 Bekir Yesiltas(TURKEY)

「Brickyard」 Nam Thai hoang(USA)

「Mystical Forest」 Veceslav Tumir(VATICAN CITY)

「Specialties from the sea」 Binh Ngo Thanh(VIET NAM)

「Children in the Ha giang 」 Cao Ducatista(VIET NAM)

「Ao Moi」 Chung Van Hoa(VIET NAM)

「Golden Silk - Blao」 Dang hong Long(VIET NAM)


「Bringing Sheep to the barn」 Hoai Trung Doan(VIET NAM)

「A peaceful scene」 Huynh Thu(VIET NAM)

「Little Girl and Baby Monkey」 Le Hong Linh(VIET NAM)

「Keep smiling forever」 Le Thach Duy Hai(VIET NAM)

「Childhood countryside」 Le Van(VIET NAM)

「Two children」 Mai Do(VIET NAM)

「ENJOY」 Ngoc Mai Nguyen(VIET NAM)

「PHOI LUA」 Nguyen Doan Ket(VIET NAM)

「Elephant's joy」 Nguyen Tan Tuan(VIET NAM)

「A simple happiness」 Nguyen Thanh Luy(VIET NAM)

「Go home」 Nguyen Van Bien(VIET NAM)

「Baby Raglai」 Nguyen Van Quang(VIET NAM)

「Under Rain」 Ngo Van Tan(VIET NAM)

「Friendly」 Tran Cong(VIET NAM)

「Childhoods」 Vinh Le Van(VIET NAM)


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