The 81st International Photographic Salon (overseas 海外)

【Judging Results】
 The 81st International Photographic Salon (sponsored by The Asahi Shimbun and The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies) selected a total of 111 works including the six special prize-winning entries (three each from overseas and Japan) and honorable mentions: 55 from overseas, 45 from Japan, and 11 from the U30 CATEGORY. The 1st International Photographic Salon began in 1927 with entries from 15 overseas countries. The total number of submissions this year was 11,841. Overseas entries were limited to online submissions this year. Viet Nam produced 1844, the most, of the 7,656 images submitted by overseas photographers representing 76 countries and regions; 3,862 images were submitted from within Japan; and photographers up to the age of 30 entered 323 web images in the U30 CATEGORY.

【General Review】
 In the OVERSEAS CATEGORY, whimsical and molded entries incorporating artistic elements were eye-catching. Entries created with effective editing ultimately reached a high degree of perfection and were ranked highly. On the other hand, entries with overly saturated color were conspicuous. Please be more conscientious about photo editing. Even amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the fact that we received photographs from more countries and regions than we normally do gave us hope.
  In the DOMESTIC CATEGORY, we received many entries that were edited and that demonstrated creative originality. Creativity is welcome, but the degree of perfection left something to be desired. Even more training on a technical level is crucial. Ultimately, entries that had natural expressions revealing fascinating ways of looking at the world and the wonder of discovery were the ones we selected. Without continually taking new pictures, new expressions will not be produced. We look forward to how you subsequently challenge yourselves.

Takeyoshi Tanuma (Chief Judge, Photographer)
Anju (Photographer)
Etsuko Enami (Photographer)
Shintaro Shiratori (Photographer, APA President )
Tokihiro Sato (Photographer, Professor of Tokyo University of Arts)
Akira Ono (The Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office Photo Editor)
Hiroshi Katsumata (The All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies Chief Manager)


The results of The 81st International Photographic Salon are as follows.

 審査委員特別賞「Femme à l'ombrelle」 Fan LI(FRANCE)

Reminiscent of Claude Monet’s masterpiece entitled “Woman with a Parasol”, this expresses a feeling of elegance. The aesthetic sense of extending the base to resemble a surface of water and editing it tastefully are fascinating. This method of expression reflects a change in the ideological focus of an age of photography from documenting to alternative worlds.

 審査委員特別賞「Still life impressionist」 Mozgowaya Larisa(RUSSIA)

The idea of taking advantage of curved surfaces when photographing something is outstanding in this entry. The colors are simple and the image looks like an abstract painting, but the natural atmosphere is intriguing. The inspired shot heightens the perfection.

 審査委員特別賞「Corona Virus quarantine」 Esther Epstein(ISRAEL)

COVID-19 has made masks a subject of photography. Without over-emphasizing the mask, the fact that the image is edited to accentuate the human presence is outstanding. The eyes staring at the blue sky through the fence leave one with a sense of willing to overcome obstacles.


「In search of innocence」 Marcos Azulay(ARGENTINA)

「Change the thought」 Shahriar Farzana(BANGLADESH)

「It's bath time」 Abdul Momin(BANGLADESH)

「EBONY」 Salua Amastha(COLOMBIA)

「IT」 Soren Skov(DENMARK)

「The bridge is yours」 Gyorgy Sziraczki(HUNGARY)

「Handle with Care 」 M Nafis Khan(INDIA)


「Ageing」 Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharjee(INDIA)



「Two Dimension」 Andi Abdul Halil(INDONESIA)

「Kiss」 Mahdi Khoshnejad(IRAN)

「Sacrifice」 Mahdi Es'haghi Ghalibaf(IRAN)

「Nightfall」 Ghasem Shishegari(IRAN)

「piggyback」 Amin Mahdavi(IRAN)

「dance」 Maryam Khaleghizadeh(IRAN)

「Horse」 Mohammadreza Rajaeimoghadam(IRAN)

「Untitled」 Masoud Mirzaei(IRAN)

「The sound of nature」 ABDOLRAHMAN MOJARRAD(IRAN)

「The Portal Keeper」 Giovanni Corona(ITALY)


「Exciting」 Woorhee Lee(KOREA)

「The Charity School 」 Lam Soon Tak(MALAYSIA)

「ARIVAL」 Valerie Volontir(MOLDOVA)

「Stay At Home」 Kyaw Kyaw Winn(MYANMAR)

「Children in the dumpsite」 Rene B. Bernal(PHILIPPINES)

「SnowLines」 Tatiana Biriukova(RUSSIA)

「Two worlds」 Aleksandr(RUSSIA)

「embodiment」 Sergey Borisov(RUSSIA)

「Watch yourself」 Vladimir(RUSSIA)

「Jumping joy」 Aleksandr Romanov(RUSSIA)

「Self-isolation」 Sergei Koliaskin(RUSSIA)

「Monster」 Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz(SPAIN)

「A Smile」 Samadhi(SRI LANKA)

「reward」 Yung-sen Wu(TAIWAN)

「white infinity」 Leyla Emektar(TURKEY)

「Naked Climate Protesters」 Jeff Gilbert(UK)

「Traveling」 Tatiana Yanchuk(UKRAINE)

「Reincarnation」 Katerina Klio(UKRAINE)

「Ice photographer」 Yevhen Samuchenko(UKRAINE)

「DaDia reef landscape at night」 HUYNH LE VIEN DUY(VIET NAM)


「morning on the plateau」 NGUYEN VAN THUONG(VIET NAM)

「Praying on the river」 Do Tuan Ngoc(VIET NAM)


「children and spring」 Le Thanh Son(VIET NAM)

「attack and defense」 Tran Huu Cuong(VIET NAM)

「Happiness」 Tran Thi Tuyet Mai(VIET NAM)

「Portrait of a H'Mong girl 」 Phong Nguyen(VIET NAM)

「The Silent Soldiers」 Vo Duy Bang(VIET NAM)

「Girls」 Hoang Ngoc Thach(VIET NAM)


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